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13 October 2014: Love is all around Our final event at the Cheltenham Literature Festival was sponsoring Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis as they read from a new anthology of poetry about love in all its guises. An hour went by in an instant. It might be because the two actors are of such brilliance that they made very word resonate and […] Read More

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08 October 2014: An hour with Geoffrey Boycott at the Literature Festival Having watched test cricket all through Geoff Boycott’s playing days I might have expected an hour to include 12 runs and a controversial run-out. In fact it was a riveting session and could easily have run for another hour. He spoke hon... Read More 30 September 2014: He for She: Emma Watson nails her colours to the mast. If you are a woman reading this, you already know how far we are from genuine equality in this relatively enlightened country. You have probably endured put-downs, personal comments, unfair employment treatment or worse, and discovered t... Read More 23 September 2014: Oxbridge A tweet from Old Decanian, Charlotte Ivers (@19Charlotte19), led me to an interesting article by the outgoing Director of Admissions at Oxford University, Mike Nicholson. The gist of his reflections on eight years in the job is that the ... Read More 03 September 2014: Millennials are 14 now If you were born around the turn of the century you are probably in your first or second year at Senior School now.  Hidden away in The Times yesterday was a small item describing a survey carried out by Deloitte of 7,800 millennial chil... Read More 29 April 2014: Ann Maguire The murder of Ann Maguire by a pupil while she was teaching a class is profoundly sad and shocking, and the thoughts and prayers of most will be with her family and the School. Part of the reason for the feeling of disbelief is the gener... Read More 11 February 2014: A World Away? I feel more than a little guilty that while the UK has been battered by unrelenting storms, I have just spent three days in the Gulf where it is mild, sunny and feeling decidedly post-recessional. It’s a bit humbling to see in this... Read More 23 January 2014: Cricket and Maths? Mathematical Association meetings tend to be quite esoteric and attract a small but dedicated band of aficionados.  So it was good to see a packed room for last night’s Gloucestershire MA talk by Dr Frank Duckworth. If you are a one-day ... Read More 20 January 2014: Singing is good for the soul If there’s a more joyful experience than going to a piano recital given by an old boy from your School then I’d like to know what it is. Ashok Gupta (OD) arrived in Year 7 as a pretty established talent courtesy of his family and Berkham... Read More 11 December 2013: Go on – risk it.. Be very wary of trying to keep up with your children.  This was borne in on me somewhat as I stood in the crowd at the start of Tough Guy 2012.  At that point I felt no confidence at and in my prospects of finishing (or even surviving). ... Read More

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