The Careers Department is situated upstairs in the Flecker Library. Careers covers all aspects of a pupils plans after school, from gap years to choices of university and course, as well as ideas about future employment.

The Careers Library, open seven days a week, is a vital resource for all pupils. All staff at Dean Close are seen as members of the careers team, since all find themselves giving careers advice to pupils at some stage, particularly those who tutor pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13. An important part of their task is to encourage the pupils to know themselves well enough to make realistic choices; this does not happen instantly, but as a result of frequent contact with the pupils.


D M Fullerton                    Head of Careers and University entrance
A R Needs                       Assistant University Entrance and Work Experience 
Miss G E Hildick-Smith     Oxbridge and International Universities' Co-ordinator
D D Evans                        Armed services

Mrs Kent and Mr Haslam help with the interviewing and guidance of pupils, as part of the normal programme. All tutors interview their tutees in the Fifth Form following careers tests and in the Lower Sixth following the Centigrade test.

Pupils in the Fourth Form and Remove do some Careers investigation as part of the PSHE programme and members of the department are available to give advice on GCSE options at the end of the Fourth Form year. After this, the programme is as follows:

Fifth Form

This involves serious exploration which has to end in A Level choice that leaves open career options. This is via their encouraged personal research and:

  • Interest/ability tests in December (Cambridge Occupational Analysts programme)
  • In-depth interview with their tutor, using test results. The Report on tests and interview gets sent home, and a copy goes to the Housemaster and to the Headmaster
  • The pupils are encouraged to think about Work Experience post GCSE
  • Gap Year – this often takes more planning than pupils imagine, so they need to be considering whether they want a Gap year or not (there are advantages and disadvantages)

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