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Ten Tors Success

Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Last weekend our Dartmoor Ten Tors team finally completed a challenge they have spent the last six months training towards.  The team achieved their task in a good time, and the expedition was branded a great success.


The six CCF cadets from Year 10 were Lee Cowan, Fraser Hand, Douglas Haycock, Madeleine Kavanagh, Stephen Whitford and Charlotte Williams.  The event involved navigating a circuit of ten tors within a 34 hour time period, over which time the teams had to be self-sufficient with skills in navigation, camp craft and river crossing.  Naturally they also need to be very fit and highly motivated.


Trialling and selection for the team started back in December 2011, when 30 Remove pupils initially put themselves forward.  The final team have trained for six months for the event, travelling to Dartmoor and learning the necessary skills under gruelling conditions.


The exact route is not revealed until the day before and the team undergoes safety briefings and scrutineering, as well as having to plan their route before the 4:30am reveille.  Fortunately weather conditions improved during that particular weekend in May and the route was completed at 11:30am on Sunday morning, a very respectable time with everyone in good condition, if somewhat tired.

Iain McGowan said:  “All six were fabulous to be away with; focused, committed, determined and full of enthusiasm for their task.  Accompanying such wonderful young people on their journey over the last six months has been a great experience for all the training and support team.  We hope that after the feet have been soothed, the sunburn cooled and the body nourished, the team will be able to reflect positively on their achievement and feel in some way enriched and rewarded for their efforts.”


Source: DCS