On this year’s World Book Day the entire school participated in the Great Big Biography Bash! In the weeks leading up to World Book Day pupils could peruse displays of biographies covering stories about individuals from all walks of life including: Engineers, Mathematicians, Designers, Scientists, Sports Stars, Explorers, Writers, Famous French Artists, Musicians, Religious Leaders/Thinkers, TV and Film Celebrities, Musicians and many, many more.

On World Book Day the library, Yeaman House and Mrs Davies’ class room were transformed into biography bonanzas!  Each room was bursting with biographies and autobiographies which were categorised into different genres so pupils could find them easily. Lots of children took the time to sit and enjoy a quiet read at break and lunchtime.

Teachers got involved by sharing their favourite biographies.  Mrs Davies (being a French Teacher) read and excerpt from Coco Channel and showed a short clip of a documentary about her life. The children learnt that she was a pioneer of fashion and largely responsible for the movement away from women wearing corsets and the start of fashion houses creating perfumes.

English Teacher, Mr Standing, shared the story of Eric Liddell the Scottish Olympic Gold Medallist runner, Rugby Union International player and Christian Missionary who was the inspiration behind the film Chariots of Fire.

Pupil, Darcy Chambers said, “This year’s world book day was really different. I love reading but had never considered reading a biography before. The book I chose was called ‘Against the odds’, which is a book about Steph Reid.  I would definitely try reading more stories about people in the future.”