Towards the end of the Lent Term, Year 6 enjoyed the sea voyage of a lifetime to Caen, France!  Some found their sea legs and some did not, but it was team Dean Close all the way!

On arrival, the children enjoyed a typical French meal with plenty of ‘pain’ in the elegant dining-room of a traditional chateau (with its very own chandelier) – this soon revived everyone’s spirits.

After a much-needed breakfast pupils set to work making their own bread after which they journeyed to see a very famous tapestry, one of the pupils reported on the highlights of their visit:

“At the beginning of the day we went to the boulangerie and learnt all about the process of making bread and the French vocabulary to go with it. We grabbed our aprons and went to work! Then we kneaded the dough that we had made. The ingredients were flour, water, salt, and yeast. We were taught how to form the dough into a baguette. We ate our lunch outside in the sunshine before taking our warm, fresh bread onto the coach. Then we drove to the Bayeux Tapestry and saw some amazing work. We walked around the museum and saw some wax figures. We watched a film about the tapestry, then stopped at the gift shop for souvenirs. Afterwards we ran outside for a bit to let off some steam. Finally, we went to a very pretty cathedral and saw some amazing artefacts. After that we drove back to the chateau and wrote a postcard before tea.”

The following day another pupil reported on their trip to Mont St Michel:

“Today we visited the UNESCO heritage site and wonder of the world Mont-St-Michel. We started by having our packed lunches looking out across the spectacular sea view and bay from the ramparts (sheltering from the hail!). When it cleared up we went for a tour around the top of the site and saw the Abbey. Whilst we stopped to admire the beautiful view Mrs Davies told us a story about a knight who sent his wife to the opposite island so she wouldn’t get another husband. We also learnt that the castle is featured in the Bayeux Tapestry. After having a look round the magnificent place we went to the shops. Finally, we made our way back to the bus. Before dinner we tried snails and frogs legs and had a disco.”

The pupils and staff had a fantastic trip and very much hope to return one day!