Over 300 children took part in the ‘Dancethon’ at the Preparatory School organised by the Headmasters wife, Sue Jones, to raise money for Gloucestershire’s Pied Piper Appeal.

The ‘Dancethon’ was held in the Prep Schools new large theatre which was opened last month by Rory Bremner. The dancers were choreographed by Caroline Parsons, who is Head of education for ‘Zumba Worldwide’ and assisted by Eva Grunden, who was trained at the Arts Education Tring and Vicky Jukes from London who works at the EVO Arnel Theatre Guildhall, Vicky is the DJ for the day.

The Headmaster’s wife, Sue Jones, said, “It is very exciting to be involved in the first Dancethon ever at Dean Close. It is always rewarding to see children doing something to help others, especially when those others are sick children in our county”