It is now an annual tradition to combine some of our best musical talent across the schools in a joint celebratory concert. This year’s concert was a delightful occasion, all the more so for having the largest audience to date at this event. In fact it was a good decision to hold it in the Centenary Hall at the Prep School as the Prince Michael Hall would not have accommodated everyone!

The Senior School opened the concert with a mature rendition of the first movement of Neruda’s Trumpet Concerto given by Daniel Barrow. Later in the evening the talented Ben Crossley sang a suitably expressive song by Fauré. Tatyana Cheung gave an accomplished performance of Astor’s Adriana and further impressive performances by Jeff Gao on viola and Doris Choi on flute completed the evening’s programme for the Senior School.

There was an excellent input from the Prep School, showing the extent and quality of music taking place, including a very impressive performance of Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor for 2 violins, played by Chloe Dunwell and Michael Lei, accompanied by DCPS Senior Strings and the Carducci Quartet. The DCPS Chamber Choir sang L’Estrange’s version of Panis Angelicus with warmth and confidence. Niamh Allen is extraordinarily gifted in music theatre and gave a stunning performance of Adelaide’s Lament from Guys and Dolls.

The audience was further treated to excellence from Hugo Brooks-Hughes, Talia Recine, Molly Godfrey and a delightful version of America on the violin played by Samuel Bradley who is justseven years old.

The Carducci Quartet closed the evening with a mind-blowing performance of the opening two movements of Shostakovich’s dark 8th Quartet.