The Nativity at Pre-Prep this year was a bit of a puzzle – entitled, ‘The Amazing Christmas Jigsaw’!  Whilst visiting a Christmas market, three children were given a jigsaw puzzle by an angel disguised as a toy seller. On Christmas Eve the children opened the puzzle box and as they took each piece out, it magically came to life, describing the story of Christmas!

The first piece pictured Roman soldiers and explained about Mary and Joseph having to travel to Bethlehem to be registered in the census. The second piece showed Mary and Joseph following the star to Bethlehem.  On arrival the inn-keeper was adamant there was no room in the inn until an angel reminded him that there was a stable in which they could shelter. The stage was bursting with glitter and tinsel as angels and stars sang beautifully to represent the third piece of the puzzle.  Nursery sang Look, Look, Look There’s an Angel and Year Two angels sang We sing of a birth.


On the fourth piece of the puzzle there was a picture of the Wise Men, who had managed to escape from King Herod to present their gifts to the new baby Jesus.

The puzzle helped the children to learn about each part of the nativity story until they found out that the smallest and last piece of the jigsaw was the most important of all and the reason we celebrate Christmas – baby Jesus!

Every child in the Pre-Prep took part and there were some wonderful solo performances, both spoken and sung. Well done to all the children!