It is brilliant to be able to look at a page of results and to see the achievements of every individual staring back at you. Our results this year are fantastic, not only because of the numbers being awarded top grades, but because of what it says about the hard work the pupils have put into both their primary and secondary school learning  

There are those who are celebrating a full set of 8s and 9s (A*s in old money), who know that they have not only shown that they can soar to great heights, but to do that across a suite of 10 or more subjects, speaks volumes about their strength and depth.   

Equally delighted, will be those who have seen their grades rise steadily over the two-year GCSE coursewho have not only secured a full set of good passes, but a great spread of 7s, 8s and 9s too. Some of these pupils arrived at Dean Close with low academic confidence and are now moving onto their A Level courses with self-belief and excitement. Their perseverance has been rewarded.  

This year’s results are the best we have ever had as a school and they accurately reflect the quality of the classwork, tests, homework and coursework of the pupils throughout the course. They point to the quality of the teachers, their desire to constantly improve and the changes that we have made to our curriculum. I am delighted for this year’s pupils and their teachers and congratulate them on all they have achieved. It is most impressive and leaves me with a real sense of excitement about all that is to come in the Sixth Form.