To launch their new History topic, Roman Britain, Year 4 recently enjoyed a fascinating trip to Chedworth Roman Villa.

The morning started with a tour of the villa during which pupils learnt that the Romans were excellent builders and were very hygiene conscious. The Romans had communal baths which were cleaned regularly and they also had ever-flushing toilets! However, Roman hair gel wasn’t quite so hygienic as it was made from leftover oil, sweat and dirt scraped off the baths!

Later in the morning pupils had the opportunity to experiencebeing Roman slaves.They tried lots ofdifferent activities includingmaking medicine for their ‘master’, using a pestle and mortar to grind up different herbs,they made sweet smelling bundles (of lavender, cumin, mustard seeds etc.) that they could take home andthey also discovered that the Romans brushed their teeth with ground mouse brain and pumice stone.

Finally, the children experienced being archaeologists. They had to sort through a box of primary sources and discuss what each artefact told them about the
Romans. They found animal bones, tesserae, a Roman nail and broken pieces of terracotta pot. Everyone had a fabulous day and learnt a great deal about
what it might have been like to bea Roman!

Pupil, Rufus Jordan said, “The mosaics were absolutely amazing!”
“The trip to Chedworth really brought the Romans to life for the children; they particularly loved
learning gruesome facts and handling genuine artefacts.”
said, Year 4 Teacher, Jo Sheldon.