To mark the arrival of the bespoke Dean Close Monopoly boards (on sale for £30), the Uganda Appeal Group hosted a Monopoly Dinner in the Dining Hall to raise funds for our link school, Nyakatakura Memorial Secondary School, in Ibanda, Uganda.

The Dean Close version of this well established game uses The Squirrels, Sports Hall, Kenyon Pavilion, Headmaster’s Office, CCF Parade Ground … and many more… to replace the traditional spaces of Park Lane and co.

At the dinner, guests were invited to join a colour-coded table to match a property ‘set’ which they automatically owned, and then purchase giant houses and hotels to hike up the fines of those unlucky enough to land on their squares. Giant dice were rolled between courses (causing much hilarity as to where they might land)to move their team’sgiant playing piece around the large scale board. Every table was beautifully attended to by a sixth form member of the Uganda Appeal team.

Guests enjoyeda delicious meal of ‘Tuckwell Tapas’, ‘Bacon Theatre Chicken’ and ‘Commemoration Mess’, and were keen to dig deep into their pockets to purchase houses and hotels for their properties as the game became increasingly competitive. In the end, the Haines family of the Yellow Table won out, taking home their very own Dean Close Monopoly sets, whilst Margaret and Jackie, our lovely kitchen staff, were victorious in the raffle.

Thanks go to all those who hosted tables, bought tickets and threw themselves in to the competitive atmosphere, raising £1,000 for the Appeal – whilst enjoying a hilarious and characteristically eccentric Dean Close evening!