Every year after the exams are over it is tradition for the Junior Forms to enjoy an Expedition Day, which is a fun and educational day out to either an historical landmark, National Trust property or place of geographical interest and this year was no exception. Year Five enjoyed a fantastic trip to Croome National Trust Court, Year Four visited Symonds Yat and Year Three went to the Forest of Dean. Here are just a few highlights from their fantastic days out.

Year Three visited Beechenhurst Lodge and Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean. Despite the terrible weather they had a fantastic time exploring the sculptures, enjoying a scavenger hunt, seeing some baby chicks being fed by their mother and pretending to be pirates in the adventure playground. Lucus Preece said ‘I loved it, especially getting really muddy!”

Year Four visited Symonds Yat, where they managed to stay dry despite having to use various means to cross the river, including a rope ferry or the very exciting rope bridge. Milo Tomas said, “I enjoyed the steep slopes and climbing up the steps, the view at the top was amazing.”

Finally, Year Five were lucky enough to enjoy a day at Croome Court, whose parkland was designed by Capability Brown. Pupils tried their hand at some team building activities, such as den building and orienteering over a 5.5km course. The orienteering was a great way to enjoy the parkland, where using their map skills, pupils had to locate 20 control points whilst travelling around the park. On their’mission’ pupils spotted cygnets on the lake and came face to face with a hidden herd of cows!

Pupil and orienteering enthusiast, Ramsey Hutton, explained “It was great fun looking for all the posts. I was the first to find some of them, I had to use the map and search the area.”