Our nativity this year told the Christmas story from a bird’s eye view!  It featured a little flock of birds who were told something exciting was happening in Bethlehem! So the robins, blackbirds and doves decided to set off on a long journey south leaving their snowy woodland home behind.

It was a very long journey but fortunately on the way they were helped by stars, shepherds and angels, wise men and camels, and some farm animals!  At last they came to the stable in Bethlehem and found the baby Jesus. After the wise men presented their special gifts, the birds gave their gift – a beautiful song for the new king.
It was our first recorded nativity and although we missed having our parents in the audience, the children greatly enjoyed performing the songs and then being able to watch and listen to themselves in the video on google classroom!  It also gave us the opportunity to try out some new tech – using the green screen to make sure the birds could ‘fly’!