An abundance of fabulous fragrances were coming from the girls’ boarding house when theyenjoyed a Sundayafternoon making bath bombs, bubble bars and face masks.

The famous Lush store brought all the ingredients and equipment for the girls to make the Big Blue bath bomb, the Cream Candy bubble bar and to try thescrumptious Cup Cake face masks. Firstly they made the Big Blue bath bomb, learning about some of the key ingredients and why they are beneficial to the skin. Big Blue contains Arame seaweed from Japan, rich in vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial to the skin for their cleansing, toning, detoxifying and calming properties. Iodine is also present which helps to regulate the metabolism.

Next, they had the opportunity to
make the bright pink bubble bar,
Cream Candy, which is a blend of almond and cocoa butter, smelling deliciously sweet because of
the vanilla it contains. Before the girls could shape their bars, the mixture needed 10 – 15 minutes to
prove in the same way that bread does. This is because the sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar
mixture needs time to combine, as they do so they create a little carbon dioxide which makes the
mixture ‘rise’. It also allows all the wonderful ingredients to infuse.

Finally the girls learnt about the ‘Cup Cake’ fresh face masks. These are packed full of fresh ingredients and so need to be kept in the fridge, they contain Rassoul mud from Mexico, the word ‘rassoul’ originates from the word ‘rassala’ which means ‘to wash’ in Arabic. They learnt that the mud absorbs excess oil, draws out impurities and has gentle foaming qualities making it a natural cleanser. Other ingredients included linseed for nourishing the skin, cocoa powder (which is packed full of antioxidants) and mint, which has antiseptic qualities and helps increase blood flow.

Boarder Iona, explained, “I had so much fun, I learnt a great deal about the different ingredients and how they help the skin. We all had a chance to try out the masks which smelt fabulous – good enough to eat! I especially enjoyed making the bath bombs as we had to use a special mould. We cannot use them straight away because they take 24 hours to set, I think I will save mine to enjoy when I go home.”

The girls also watched a short film at
the end of their workshop, learning
about where the seaweed is harvested
and how the products are handmade in
the ‘factory’ in Dorset.