Sian Massey from the drama department was finally able to get her much-planned re-imagining of AMND on stage: this year’s Glastonbury Festival may have been cancelled, but not at DCS it wasn’t:  Rude Mechanicals (Phoebe, Bella and Grace) in reflective jackets herded audiences and bands around the theatre spaces, cross-legged people queued at the makeshift loos, and all the while Titania and Oberon (Daisy and Annie) – rock stars – fought and argued their way through this comic masterpiece. Toby as Bottom was undoubtedly the star – baggy shorts and baseball cap akimbo, he wowed us with “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and other gems, all the while somewhat startled by the fact that Titania seemed out of his class, but was nevertheless giving him more than the once over. The crazy lovers (Ben, George, Hannah and Kate) were extraordinary in their physical energy – leaping all over the Tuckwell from every entrance, matched only by Puck (Lily) climbing walls, guffawing hysterically at her own nonsense and leaping like a mountain goat round every corner. And to give it that authentic Glastonbury feel, the onstage band (Ben, George, Barnaby and Jed) played us in and out. An exhausting, zippy and youthful evening – loved by all who saw it.