New to the School’s memorabilia range – A Mug Full of History.

Susan Rose China has worked in conjunction with Dean Close School to produce “A Mug full of History”. The mug is made from English Bone China using traditional handmade methods still in use today in Stoke on Trent and it combines a traditional heritage product with contemporary design.

Susan Rose, the designer and owner of the business, has taken elements of the school’s history and created in conjunctionwith the school,

this individual bespoke design. Once the design is agreed, ceramic plates are made in the traditional way and each colour is added sequentially to the print to ensure that the most vibrant colours are obtained. The prints are then lithographed onto the mugs and fired between 2-3 times in the kiln. Each piece is handled no less than 12 times!

We do hope that you enjoy this traditional handcrafted product – and it’s dishwasher proof too!