If you walked into aYear 2 classroom today you wouldn’t see pupils but dinosaurs, palaeontologists, cavemen and cavewomen, as children and teachers start their exciting topic of ‘Prehistoric Life’! Children came to school dressed for the occasion and ready to take part in many wonderful themed activities.

During the day they will take part in a dinosaur treasure quiz outside in the Forest School, finding answers to some tricky prehistoric questions, creating dinosaur art and learning French vocabulary for dinosaurs in their French lesson.

Headmistress, Dr Carolyn Shelley, said ‘This is a wonderful way to start this exciting topic – all the children are engaged, enthusiastic and keen to learn new information. The children have come into school with amazing costumes and can’t wait to start their day of discovery!’

The Year Two children had a fantastic educational experience today when Steve Plater, from Hull Museum, came to visit us at Dean Close Pre-Prep. He brought a selection of artefacts with him including a fossilised leg bone from over 65 million years ago!!! Some children were very brave and volunteered to put their head into a dinosaurs jaw! They were able to handle claws and teeth and also made rubbings form some fossils. Each child also was able to make their own cast of a fossil using Plaster of Paris.

We all learned a lot of facts and the children asked some very interesting questions, showing that they had listened very carefully – and still wanted to find out more! It was a fantastic session at the start of their topic ‘Prehistoric Life’.