The Year Two children had an amazing day learning about prehistoric life, when Mr Platervisited themfrom theDinosaur Museum in Hull.

He arrived with lots of excitingexhibits including an enormous imprint of a T-Rex footprint, a genuine 65 million yearoldfossilised dinosaur egg and a giant Allosaurus skull; which some of thechildren were brave enough to put their heads inside – betweenall the sharp teeth! The childrenwere fascinated todiscoverthat dinosaurs could regrow new teeth every time they lost or broke one!

Everyone enjoyed an interesting discussionaboutwhydinosaurs might have become extinct,learningthat it was because a meteorite hit the earth causing a change in temperature, making ittoo cold for the dinosaurs to survive.However, some animals and plantsdid manage to survive such as sharks and crocodileswhich still roam our world today.

The children had great fun making casts of fossils using Plaster of Paris and also did
some colourful rubbings of fossils. It was a fantastic day, everyone learnt a great deal whilst
having afabulous time.