If you were to go on Safari, which animals would you like to see? A lion, a giraffe, wilder beast or a perhaps a toothy crocodile? Pre-Prep was bursting with wildlife when they came dressed in amazing animal and explorers’ costumes ready for a Safari adventure.

Pupils started the day by making animal masks and filling in their safari work books which were full of maths problems, word searches and interesting safari related questions. They then enjoyed making a luggage label for their rucksacks so that when they travelled around the ‘jungle’ (Forest School) they could find their provisions (the lunch they made themselves earlier in the day!).

Before heading off for a Safari picnic pupils explored the playground looking for clues to ensure they had all the equipment for their trip – they then went to the jungle to complete a French Safari Hunt!  Mrs Trant, Year Two Teacher said, “The children were very excited when they came to school today all dressed up and ready for adventure. They have learnt so much about the flora and fauna of Africa and also that there are other places around the world that you can also visit for a Safari, such as India and South America.”