The ‘Squirrels’ annual Dance Show was full of colourful sea creatures and characters as the whole school went on a ‘Sea Adventure’! The audience were treated to an energetic, exciting show which started with all of the pupils reciting a poem about the sea. Dressed as water dancers, fish and sea horses each year group performed a dance; including some super surprises, such as tap-dancing pirates and twirling merbabies!

Parents and friends were delighted to watch deep sea divers, complete with oxygen tanks, ‘swimming’ across the stage, beautiful pearls (Nursery) and pretty seashells (Kindergarten) ‘nestling’ at the bottom of the sea!

The children danced with great enjoyment and confidence, clearly enjoying the music, well done to all of them! Thank you also to Miss Emma and all our wonderful dance teachers and helpers from the Janet Marshall School of Dance.