Thebiggest audience ever flocked to the Bacon Theatre for this year’s end of term Dance, Drama, Gymnastics and Music Extravaganza. The opening numberwasa lively rendition of Walking on sunshine, sung by the Senior Choir and band, followed by an entertaining poem about a car journey performed by Nuala Benson, Florence Mckinnes and Henry Swan.

A medley of exceptional music and dance performances followed. Oscar Jack, aged just 13, performed Prelude no. 6 in B Minor and Prelude no.7 in F major, Allegro Scherzando, both of which he had composed himself. The Choristers gave a faultless performance of Fly me to the moon and Senior Orchestra had the audience spellbound when they played Gymnopodie, accompanied by a recital of the Rainflower, performed by Lily Griffiths.

The gymnastic displays were exceptional, firstly withexciting vaulting criss-
crossing in front of the Orchestra playing The Liberty Bell March. Then,a trio of
singers,(Liv Nelson, Hannah Porter and Issie Tingey) accompanied by the String
Quintet andJiyoon Lee on the pianogave a beautiful, movingrenditionof
SomeoneLike You, whilst the gymnasts balanced and tumbled.

Junior Choir stole everyone’s heart singing When I grow up from the musical
Matilda which was followed by Rhapsody, professionally played by Senior Strings
alongside the Carducci Quartet. Other choral performances included Chamber
Choir’s Adiemus and She’s in Love.

The evening ended with an entertaining version of Everybody sung with great enthusiasm by Daphne Bennett, Valentina Alfonsi and Hannah Porter and supported by the school’s very accomplished Swing Band, whilst the dancers and gymnasts came on for a final extravaganza!