This year’s summer showwas ‘Summer Safari’! The story took place on the rolling plains of Africa and featured herds of animals under a shimmering sun! The action wascentredaround two herds, the giraffes and the zebras who both live on the Savannah but unfortunately were not friends and did not talk to each other.

A young giraffe
calledGina and a young
zebra, Zea, wanted to
make friends.The story
took the audienceon a
journeyof friendship across Africa. On their travels the two young friends
met a whole host of animals, there were: meerkats, elephants, crocodiles, birds,
monkeysand lions – they even visited a jungle disco! Eventuallythe two herds
werepersuaded by the meerkats to be friends and they all sang the song
‘Tuishi pamoja’ –’We want to be friends, forever’.

The costumes were fabulousand everyoneplayed their part confidently. All of the pupils
enjoyedperforming on the stage and had lots of fun together!