Year 6 spent a fantastic day at Portsmouth’s historic dockyard, visiting the HMS Victory and the National Museum of the Royal Navy. Having spent time studying Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar in the classroom, it was exciting for the children to actually board the ship where Nelson died.

Zach Brooks enthused, “I liked finding out what they ate for breakfast – cold porridge and ‘coffee’ made from hot water with charred biscuits, crumbled in to give it colour!”

“I didn’t realise how many guns they had, over 100!” explained Zina Moss. She went on to say, “The big ones could fire a cannonball almost 3 kilometres!”

After several informative hours on the ship pupils then went on to theNational Museum of the Royal Navy which was full of interesting interactive exhibits. The children were amazed by the sheer weight of the heavy 18th century weapons. They also enjoyed sending Morse code messages (Did you know the world record was set in 1939 of 75 words a minute?).

After lunch everyone enjoyed a completely different experience at the ‘Action Stations’ exhibition, where there were two floors of interactive exhibits, including a helicopter simulator and arevolving climbing wall, both of which were very popular.