This year, Dean Close’s GCSE results are the second highest in the School’s history. One in three of all exams taken achieved an A*, with nearly 60% of all grades being A*/A. The top five pupils in the year scored 12 A*s or more, and the top 16 of the year group scored 9 A*s or better.

Looking at individual areas of success, there was a 40% A* average across Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Art Department continued their high level of attainment with 64% of all grades being A* and the Music Department scored 53% A*. Greek/Latin pupils scored an impressive 75% A*s.

Headmaster, Bradley Salisbury, says: “Many congratulations to all of the Dean Close pupils who picked up their GCSE results this morning. They are a terrific set of results. There is much for pupils, parents and teachers to be proud of, not just from the huge number of A*s but also through the hard won B and C grades. There is nothing better than seeing pupils’ efforts being rewarded. All of the additional support lessons, long hours in the library, one to one clinics with teachers and constructive nagging from parents has gone a long way to helping this group flourish. When you consider that alongside these grades are a whole host of other achievements such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards, sports cups, drama medals and music grades, the future is looking very bright indeed.”