One of the great things about my job is that you never know when something amazing might be discovered. Somebody may decide to clean out their attic or cupboard and the next thing you know they have found some wonderful long lost treasure. This is exactly what happened last week when I received a phone call from the Granddaughter of an Old Decanian.

This lady had found a beautiful salad bowl with accompanying servers which was awarded to her Grandfather, Richard Marmaduke Langdale-Smith, in 1902 for winning the Hatherley Run. The Decanian reports that 25 boys ran the race with Langdale-Smith and Van Someron in front by the time they reached the Gloucester Road. However, as they got closer to home Landale-Smith pulled away and won the race by 12 yards winning in 16 minutes 35 seconds over a distance of approx. 4.35 km. It was awarded to him later that day by the Headmaster’s wife, Mrs Flecker. This photograph of Langdale-Smith was taken in 1905 when he was 21 years old and studying at Durham. What an amazing addition to the collection. Our sincere thanks go to the family for such a generous gift!

Langdale-Smith arrived at DC in 1900 and left in 1903. He went on to study at London College of Divinity until 1906 and then gained his BA at University College Durham in 1910 before ordination the same year. Much of his career was spent in India as Chaplain to His Majesty’s Services 1915-1936 after which he returned to England serving as Rector of Mickleham and later Steeple Langford. He died in 1965.