Recently,  Reception went on a wet and windy trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us, but we wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and ventured on. The children were very excited about the trip and the coach ride which was on the luxurious Gloucester Rugby coach!

When we arrived, we walked around the park to see the large animals including rhinos, lions, giraffes, zebras and camels. The lions appeared to be sleeping, but as we watched they slowly began to wake up – maybe they thought that their lunch had arrived?! We then walked quietly through the wooded area so we would not disturb the wolves, before passing the beautiful pink flamingos and a whole host of birds. We even saw a mummy duck with eight little ducklings, which was a particular highlight of the day for many of the children.

After all the walking it was time to stop for a picnic lunch before our train ride. Despite the chilly weather, the children all wanted to have an ice lolly—brrrr! The train took us to some areas of the park we hadn’t been too and enabled us to see lots more animals.

We had a lovely day and did not let the weather dampen our spirits! The children were exceptionally well behaved and a

credit to the school – well done team Reception!