Prep School


Fun, thoughtful, energized, colourful, loud, gentle, peaceful, contemplative, purposeful and happy are just some of the words that describe Chaplaincy at Dean Close Prep School. 

Alice Monaghan, the Associate Chaplain, leads the team, which includes a Ministry and Leadership Trainee and many generous teachers who give assemblies, speak at Services and lead Christian Unions. Each week includes a Chaplaincy Assembly in the Centenary Hall and a Friday Service either in the Hall, with a band, or Chapel, with a robed choir and organ. 

For those who choose to explore the Christian faith further, we have three Christian Union Clubs; JCU for Years 3-4, MCU, for Years 5-6, and SCU, for Years 7-8, which meet after school on Mondays. Much anticipated each year are the CU trips - MCU have a weekend away in Devon full of sea-side activities and ‘God-slots’ and JCU have a Saturday adventure. There is also a weekly break-time Bible Study and Bible Study groups in the Boarding Houses as well as Boarders Worship on Sunday evenings. 

The Chaplaincy team provide another warm, approachable listening ear to staff and pupils and are fully integrated into the daily life of the school through lessons and supervising break, study times, and evenings in boarding houses.