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Why Choose Dean Close? 

Dean Close School provides so much more than just a good education; we are about people - we see each pupil as a potential visionary.

We aim to encourage, nurture and inspire our pupils, shaping their mindsets to seek opportunity, be curious about learning and develop a deep desire to impact the world around them. At Dean Close, we invest in what matters, inside the classroom and out, encouraging pupils to think beyond themselves and their personal success. 

We celebrate individuals for who they truly are; we embrace the unique and different, encouraging each child to anchor their actions in compassion, kindness and authenticity

Inspiring VIsionaries

We are proud of how our pupils value other human beings; how they don’t just accept the world for what it is; how they seek change, ask more, challenge norms; how they expect more from life and venture to explore what it means to make an impact. Our vision is to inspire visionaries.