Thank you for coming to take a look at our exciting plans to develop the Dean Close School Site. We would love you to be part of this journey with us!

Adjusted in the light of the global pandemic the 21ST Century Campus Campaign remains as the emerging vision for the future of education at Dean Close over the coming years.  Phase one of the 21st Century Campaign, the Day House Village is now complete and we are now entering into phase two, which is the Academic Quad Redevelopment.

Our current focus is to create a Mathematics and Economics / Business centre by September 2021 which will utilise some of the space vacated by the Day Houses.  This Centre is a fundamental aspect of our Academic Quad Redevelopment with Mathematics catering for more of Dean Close’s pupils than any other subject and Economics and Business by their nature encouraging entrepreneurship and commercial thinking, as well as connectivity with local, national and global businesses, including, of course, many run by Old Decanians or past and current Dean Close parents. These two departments will be co-located in the ‘Front Corridor’ of the main school building next to the Careers and Library facility, with the intention at some stage in the future of developing a new collaboration space to encourage cross-curricular links with local, regional, national and international partners.

  • State-of-the-art teaching facilities to encourage excitement and collaboration.
  • Pop-up Innovation Lab to nurture student start-ups and provide mentoring.
  • Collaboration space so students can work together and learn from local businesses.

Work is about to start on this project but currently funds are only guaranteed for the Maths area.

Due to the generosity of some pioneer donors. We have reached £1.1m against a target of £1.3m to complete the project which would include the Business and Economics classrooms.

“When I heard about the Quad Project at DCS, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Investing in new education facilities and resizing the spaces for the appropriate subjects made it an easy project to support as an OD, Parent and DCS Council Member.”  Mark Philip-Sorensen

To hear from the CEO, Headmaster and Heads of Department, click on the first video below…

Here are some artists’ impressions and a fly-through of the new Mathematics and Economics/Business classrooms: