Denys Carnill Foundation Award

He would be honoured that his legacy at the school will be to help deserving students with a passion for learning, to reach their full potential.

Sally Kenward née Carnill

Denys Carnill was a legend of the teaching profession and one of the inspirational figures of Dean Close. His kindness, generosity and passion are the characteristics we want to promote through these awards. Now those who learnt from him are joining together to commemorate his life through the funding of a special bursary in his name.

For individuals who will inspire others

The aim of the fund is to provide places at Dean Close for talented and financially-deserving boys and girls into the future. In particular, the award will be used to support pupils who will really contribute to school life, take part and inspire those around them.

Funded by those he inspired

Just as Denys encouraged his pupils to take part, rather than stand on the touchline, a key aim of this initiative is that a really significant percentage of those who learnt under Denys will contribute to the fund – from the very modest donations upwards; it’s the taking part that matters.

Let’s turn a great idea into reality: How you can help

We can turn this idea into a reality. It’s a question of each person giving at a level that feels right to them.


Dean Close will match pound for pound what you contribute to the Denys Carnill Foundation Award. So, commitments totalling £15,000 per year for five years will fund a Denys Carnill Foundationer.


Your monthly donation Net monthly cost to you if you pay higher rate tax Value to the School over one year, with Gift Aid Number of donors required to fund a Denys Carnill Foundationer
£50 £37.50 £750 21
£30 £22.50 £450 36
£15 £11.25 £225 71
£10 £7.50 £150 107
£5 £3.75 £75 213
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Denys Carnill Donation Form
Please print, complete and return this form to the Development Office.

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Donate online

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Celebrating the launch of the Denys Carnill Award, November 2018.

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