How Foundation Awards Work


We will find candidates by developing partnerships with other schools and organisations such as Springboard. We will also encourage members of the Dean Close community to make suggestions and recommendations.

Candidates will sit an entrance test, for which no preparation is necessary. We will also interview each candidate and they will be scored against the following criteria:


Significant potential in one or more of Dean Close’s key areas of focus: Academic, Music, Sport, Art or Drama.

Evidence of the strength of character to make the most of the opportunities offered at Dean Close, including evidence of leadership potential


Financial – evidence of family financial circumstances, demonstrating that a Dean Close education would be well beyond the family’s means (this may involve a home visit as well as paperwork supporting the application).

Educational – a clear indication that the alternative education available to the candidate will not meet their needs or enable them to flourish.


Evidence that the candidate is committed to their educational future, ambitious to do well and has a track record of hard work and determination.

Evidence that the family is committed to education and to Dean Close in particular, and that they are prepared to make financial sacrifices, relative to their means, to that end.


Applications are invited from Year Seven upwards, as this fits with the step up from Primary to Secondary education within the state system. This will mean that a Foundationer may spend two years at Dean Close Preparatory School or at St John’s on the Hill, before coming through to the Senior School.

Applications will also be invited for Fourth Form entry (year nine) and at Sixth Form.


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