Since the Cornerstone was laid on Shelburne Road in November 1884, Dean Close School has influenced the lives of thousands of boys and girls. Many left Dean Close School shaped by the Christian ethos and values they learnt at the School. 130 years on, the principles and visions of our founders remain at the heart of a Dean Close education.

Since those early days we have received donations, both large and small, from individuals and families for whom Dean Close School has become a special part of their lives. We understand that it may not be possible to lend financial support during your lifetime so a legacy is one of the most meaningful and enduring donations you can make.

If you are considering making a legacy gift, Thank you. All donations, no matter their size, will make a real difference to future generations.


Like many other Independent Schools, Dean Close is not a wealthy School and does not have an endowment. All improvements and future developments are funded from surpluses and from the generous donations received from our community. These donations help us to maintain and improve the fabric of our buildings, upgrade our facilities and ensure that our pupils benefit from the best possible coaching, teaching and technology.

Lifetime and legacy donations can be directed to a specific area of interest, such as bursaries, or left without restriction to Dean Close School to allocate to the area of highest need.

All legacies left to Dean Close School are exempt from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax and so can reduce the tax burden on your estate.


Join us in celebrating the donations of our forbearers by becoming a member of The Cornerstone Society. What they gave then, benefits us know. What will be your legacy?

Include Dean Close School in your will and make a donation that you may not have been able to give during your lifetime.


Leaving a legacy to Dean Close School is one of the greatest donations you can give. It is a statement, in perpetuity, of your support for Dean Close School. It creates a permanent testimony to your affection for your School and all that it stands for.

Now is your chance to make a lasting difference to future generations.

“My own time at Dean Close was greatly enhanced by the many generous benefactors who went before me and ensured the long-term security and enhancement of a Dean Close School education.

As a governor I am more than aware of the continuing generosity of parents, ODs and Friends of the School and I thank you, on behalf of the entire Dean Close Community, for choosing to show your support by including Dean Close School in your will.”

The Lord Bernard Ribeiro CBE

President of Dean Close School and The Old Decanian Society

“In 1899 the widow of Dean Francis Close, Mary, left the school a legacy of £800 on her death at the age of 93. The gift was one of our earliest legacies and helped secure the future of the School in our founding years.”

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Please do get in touch if you have already included the School in your will or are considering leaving a legacy to Dean Close.

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Director of External Relations
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