Acoustic night  is growing in popularity every year. Sunday night saw a full PMH entertained by a packed programme of songs, ranging from traditional Chinese,  to Eric Clapton and it was wonderful to hear some of the pupils’ original compositions. Stunning guitar solos were performed by Finn Fleming and Adam Gower and we were lucky enough to have our very own Sixth Former, Oscar Richardson do a fantastic job on the sound desk.


Line Up

Saph Leweni – guitar & vocals                                                                    Bellyache

Lily Talbot  – vocals                                                                                     (Billies Eilish)


Saph Leweni – vocals                                                                       Call out my name

Andy Rushton – guitar                                                                          (The Weekend)


Tom Bradford – vocals                                                                              Save Myself

+ piano                                                                                                          (Ed Sheeran)


Adam Gower – guitar solo                                                                        Ocean

(John Butler)


Grace Billington – vocals                                                      Like I’m gonna lose you

Hannah Porter  -vocals                                                                     (Meghan Trainer)

Andy Rushton – guitar


Bella Cho – piano                                                                                    Chinese Song

Kevin Xie – vocals & guitar                                                                               (Trad.)


Issy Blackburn   – vocals                                                                        Lost without you

Andy Rushton – guitar                                                                            (Freya Ridings)


George Orr-Ewing – vocals & guitar                                                               Decision

(George Orr-Ewing)


Hattie Gammon – vocals & ukulele                                                           Free Falling

                                                                                                                        (Tom Petty)


Olli Smart – vocals                                                                                           Let it go

Adam Gower – guitar                                                                               (James Bay)


Lucy Humphreys – vocals                                                                           The night we met

Andy Rushton – guitar                                                                              (Lord Huron)


Lewis Haywood – vocals & piano                                                         Original song


Lewis Haywood – vocals                                                                                 Location

Ethan Butterfield                                                                                                   (Kahlid)


Niamh Allen – vocals                                                                                         Jealous                                                                                                                                                       (Labrinth)


Finn Flemming – guitar solo                                                                            Drifting

                                                                                                                        (Andy McKee)


Sam Crichton – vocals                                                 Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Andy Rushton – guitar                                                                              (Otis Redding)


Finn Fleming – guitar                                                                                       I see fire

Louis Fleming – kahon                                                                                  (Ed Sheeran)

Tom Richardson – violin

Ethan Bareham – vocals


Finn Fleming – guitar                                                                                             Layla

Louis Fleming – kahon                                                                                  (Eric Clapton)

Tom Richarson – piano & vocal