1. How early do we need to register our child?

Early registration is recommended and applications will be considered in the order they are received. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made.

2. When in the year do prospective pupils sit entrance examinations?

External candidates will be invited to sit the School’s entrance examination papers at school on a case by case basis. Applicants wishing to be considered for a scholarship will also sit entrance examination papers as part of the scholarship assessment.

Entrance Examination Dates:
Parents/guardians are asked to note the following entry routes:

13 + Direct Entry:
-Pupils currently attending a state school: Applicants are invited individually throughout the year to sit entrance papers set by the School.

-Pupils currently attending a preparatory school: Applicants are required to sit ISEB Common Entrance papers in the June* prior to entry at their current school.

* ISEB Common Entrance examinations for 2022 entry have not yet been released.

16+ Direct Entry:
Applicants are invited to sit entrance papers set by the school in the November prior to entry.

After this date, 16+ applicants will be invited to sit entrance examinations on an individual basis.

Note: All applicants must have completed a Registration Form and paid the Registration Fee to be registered for the School’s entrance examinations.

3. Does Dean Close School offer pre-testing?

Pre-testing is offered to external candidates wanting an early indication of meeting the Year 9 entry criteria. Early offer of a place is made based on pre-test scores for Year 9 entry.

4. How do we apply for a scholarship?

We strongly believe in celebrating young peoples’ strengths, and recognising these through our scholarship programme.

A variety of scholarships are awarded for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry – more information about our scholarship offering can be accessed here.

To be considered for a scholarship, candidates must be registered for their scholarship assessments by completing the relevant scholarship application form – please contact the Admissions team on 01242 258 044/ 035 or at registrar@deanclose.org.uk for an application form.

Parents/guardians must have registered their child by completing the Registration Form and paying the Registration Fee for them to be considered for a scholarship.

5. What do we need to do to apply for bursarial support?

Dean Close School is committed to offering the benefits of a Dean Close education to those pupils who would flourish in our community but who would ordinarily be prevented from the opportunity because their parents/guardians do not have the financial means to support a full fee private education.

Parents/guardians are invited to apply for means-tested bursarial support in the academic year before entry. Parents/guardians must have registered their child by completing the Registration Form, paying the Registration Fee and indicated on the Registration Form that they wish to be considered for bursarial support. Once your child has been registered the Bursary Office will contact parents/guardians directly with the bursarial support application documentation for completion.

The Bursary Office will be delighted to answer any further questions regarding bursarial support. The Bursary can be contacted at bursary@deanclose.org.uk.

6. Our child is a national resident of a country outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Can our child still come to Dean Close School?

Dean Close School welcomes applications from overseas families. The School is proud to hold a Tier 4 Licence to sponsor non EEA pupils to obtain a visa to study at our school, where applicants do not hold a visa in another immigration category.

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have a strict criteria for visa issuance. In order for you to apply for a visa for your child, the School will need to assess whether your child is likely to satisfy UKVI’s criteria should a visa application be made. As a sponsor the School reserves the right to refuse sponsorship if it believes that your child’s visa application would be refused, likewise any offer of a place would be subject to your child obtaining the correct immigration permission to come to study in the UK.

Should the School decide to sponsor your child, the Admissions team will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS), details of which you will need to provide as part of your child’s visa application. The Admissions team will provide you with details of your child’s CAS when we offer your child a place at our School.

Parents are asked to note that all visa applications must be made no later than six months after the date of issue of the CAS, but no earlier than three months before the course start date given on the CAS.

Our Admissions team are delighted to answer questions regarding your child’s visa application where possible, but are not able to provide immigration advice.

You should seek specific legal advice in relation to your child’s individual circumstances before submitting a visa application.

7. What is cultural mix of pupils at Dean Close School?

British independent schools have been attracting students from all over the world for decades and Dean Close School is no exception. Diversity is celebrated at Dean Close as we believe this equips our pupils to be able to mix with everybody, whoever they may be (or choose to be) throughout school life and beyond.

Although our pupil cohort is predominantly British, we attract pupils from around the world, with representation from across Europe as well as countries further afield such as Ukraine, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Africa, Japan and Hong Kong. We are proud that our international pupil cohort represents 27% of our community currently and consists of a mix of 25 nationalities.

8. Is there Saturday school?

Morning Registration is 0820 hrs with academic lessons following. Afternoon school life consists of games lessons or matches, with collection for those not involved in matches is from 1445 hrs.

9. What is the mix of boarding to day pupils?

Currently, we have a pupil cohort of 56% boarding and 44% day.

10. What is the mix of boys and girls at Dean Close School?

2021 celebrates 53 years of Dean Close School providing co-educational education. Currently, we have a registered pupil cohort of 53% boys and 47% girls.