Senior Fees


The fees cover all the teaching that takes place in the ordinary course of education. This also includes all the expenses of practical work in the science laboratories, in art and in design and technology. In the Sixth Form, additional charges will be made for textbooks relative to the subjects being examined. Parents should anticipate additional charges associated with House, co-curricular and other activities, and specifically the cost of providing Learning Support and English as an Additional Language lessons, as applicable. Public examination fees, including re-marking and any other reasonable charges, will also be passed on to parents.

Years 9 - 13


Fee per Term

Monthly equivalent

Boarder (No Visa)



(Child Student Visa)







Flexi Boarding

Flexi Boarder Option 1 includes: Supper, supervised prep and activities. Five nights a year to cover House Evenings (3), House Singing (1) and Remembrance/Commem (1). Beds made available as possible, at the cost of the Day fee plus £1,580 per term. Overnight rate of £53 per night includes bed and breakfast, overnight supervision, medical support and laundry.

Flexi Boarder Option 2 includes: Flexi 1 but includes an allowance of up to 4 nights a week (not including the 5 inclusive nights). Own bed available where possible. The cost of the Day fee plus £3,800 per term. Any days above the 4 days per week charged at £53 per night.

Occasional boarding for Day pupils is £63.75 per night.


Fee per Term

Monthly equivalent

Flexi Boarder Option 1



Flexi Boarder Option 2




Other Fees and Charges

Registration Fee & Deposit

A non-returnable Registration Fee payment of £100 is due when a pupil’s name is entered to the School. An Acceptance Deposit is then required for all pupils.



Day and Flexi Boarding


Boarder (No Visa)


Boarder: Year 9-13
(Child Student Visa)


The repayment of deposits is linked to the settlement of final fee invoices upon the departure of the pupil from Dean Close School. Parents are welcome to gift the deposit to the School when a pupil leaves.

Extra Tuition

Private tuition for English as an additional Language, Special Educational Needs and subjects not offered within the curriculum may be provided, and will generally be charged at an termly rate of £520.

Music Tuition

Music lessons are available to pupils in a range of disciplines. The charge will be £420 per term for a 40 minute lesson each week. At the discretion of the teacher, pupils may be taught in groups, or for different lesson lengths with an appropriate adjustment to the fee. Where available, music instruments can be hired but a deposit may be required.

Notwithstanding the School’s Terms and Conditions, if you wish to withdraw your child from music lessons, or change teacher, you must allow a period of notice of one full Term. Unless notice of cancellation is given in writing, it will be assumed that the pupil requires tuition to continue from term to term and arrangements will be made accordingly.

Reduction for Brothers and Sisters

A reduction of the net School fee (referred to in the table above) is currently offered to parents who have three children or more at the School, excluding the Nursery. The reductions, which are applied to the younger children, are 5% for the third child and 20% for the fourth and any subsequent children whilst they all simultaneously attend the School.

When the elder child leaves the discount ceases or adjusts down as appropriate.

HM Forces Discount

Dean Close School offers a  Forces Bursary for the sons and daughters of serving members of HM Forces which is available from Year 3 onwards.

Capital Fees Scheme

Those with a capital sum to invest may wish to consider making a Capital Fees payment.  The Foundation currently offers a rate of discount far in excess of the prevailing Bank Base Rate against fees paid in advance, provided that at least six terms’ fees are settled.  This scheme has proven popular in recent years and those wishing to learn more should contact the Finance Controller, in the first instance

Notice of Withdrawal of a Pupil or Change of Status

In accordance with the School’s terms and conditions, a full term’s notice must be given in writing if you wish to withdraw your child from the School, or if you wish to change your child’s place at the School from one type of boarding to another or to a day place. Failing such notice, a full term’s fees will be charged.


Bursaries are means-tested Awards and are made at the School’s discretion. In accordance with the Charities Commission guidelines, Bursaries are made following the completion of a Grant Application Form (GAF) that includes a ‘Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances’. Bursaries may, in exceptional circumstances, be awarded up to 100% of the fees.

Criteria in Assessing Grants