Year One have been exploring the topic ofpirates and to bring this excitingsubject to life they recently enjoyedfantastic day outto Bristol harbour, where theysailed on ‘The Matthew’! ‘The Matthew’ is a replica of John Cabot’s ship: John Cabot was an Italian navigator who discovered parts of North America, under the commission of Henry VII.

On board the vessel the children enjoyed ‘operating’ the rudder and ‘firing’ the cannons from the poop deck, as well as having awell-earned ‘nap’ onthe bunks, below decks. It was fascinating for the children to see the historical weapons, including a sword and pistol; the skull in the hold reminded everyone of the dangers of life in the days when pirates sailed the seas!

Pupils also enjoyed a visit the’M Shed’, which is a museum about life in Bristol. Here, pupils discoveredhow people lived in ports townsmany years agoand how conditions have changed over time.

Everyone had a fantastic time and the trip inspired pupils to find out more about pirates when they got back to the classroom.