This month’s Francis Bacon Dinner featured local MP, Alex Chalk, as the guest speaker. Before his speech, the Sixth Form diners sat down to have a delicious meal of a haloumi cheese salad, chicken and potato in cream sauce and an amazing pear and chocolate tart. After dinner Mr Chalk gave a speech about his life as an MP giving lots of amusing anecdotes about life in Parliament, as well as speaking about the more serious side of being an MP such as going against the ‘whip’ and fighting for legislation, and how being an MP is not for the fainthearted. Furthermore he touched on the effects of social media on politics, most notably the MPs infighting for ‘funniest tweet’ or most retweeted! He also spoke about current affairs such as Brexit and Trump, and his honest account of his own opinions was refreshing to hear for students studying these issues. He finished his speech rather surprisingly by admitting that he never wants to be prime minister as it is too much pressure and stress. Mr Chalk’s showed genuine interest to meet and speak to everyone; he walked around the entire dinner and spoke to every student and teacher, and educated the audience on what happens in Parliament and what an MP’s life actually consists of.