All-Aboard the Life Bus

Making good decisions and wise choices in life is equally as important as working hard at school. This week the ‘Life Bus’ is visiting pupils at the Prep School to help them do just that. The ‘Life Bus’ is an interactive teaching programme that works alongside the School’s PSHCE curriculum(Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education). In a fun, age appropriate way it covers topics like: taking care of myself, feelings, friendships and much more.

Over the following days the Junior Forms will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as, what constitutes a healthy diet, strategies for making up when friends fall out and the importance of personal hygiene. The ‘Life Bus’ will return in January when the Senior Forms will be able to examine more complex issues such as self-esteem, managing conflict and the risks of drug and alcohol abuse.

The ‘Life Bus’ is a valuable initiative for giving children skills that cannot always be taught in the classroom. Hopefully this week pupils will have gained some useful tools and information to help them make positive, informed choices in the future.