Wow! The most amazing, colourful, happy, joyous DCPS Charity Fair ever! Bursting with cupcakes, Christmas gifts, games, toys, books, inventive activities such as extreme pillow fighting, the treasure chest, nerf target practice, pot the ping pong and many, many more. Everyone was thoroughly entertained all afternoon whilst raising much needed funds for the local charity ‘Family Space’.

Family Space offers support to families in Cheltenham by providing a safe place for family members to get together who don’t live together. They also offer ‘timeout’ activities for new mums, a befriending service which helps new families settle into the local area, childcare whilst a parent attends a medical appointment or just someone to talk to when life throws up challenges. It is an invaluable group that can really make a difference to a family who could be struggling.

Tom Elwes, Year 8 said, “I love the charity fair and this year was especially good as there was so much cake! The activities and games were fantastic, there were some new ideas like finding the right key to open the treasure chest I have never played that before.  There were also some really great action books on the book stand, I even managed to do a little Christmas shopping!”

A huge thank you to everyone who helped, visited, made, baked and bought at this year’s Charity Fair. DCPS made a fantastic £3053.02 to donate to Gloucestershire based charity, Family Space.