“You’re only a day away!” The story behind the recent DCPS Senior Production of Annie focused on the history behind the financial crisis of 1930s America, rather than the glamorised Broadway version of the play you may be more familiar with.  It showed the stark contrast between rich and poor, the hardships faced in the Hoovervilles, the corrupt Miss Hannigan, Annie’s luck at being invited into the Warbucks’ mansion, the foresight of President Roosevelt and his determination to improve the situation for the masses after the disastrous tenure of Herbert Hoover.

This production was an absolute triumph, full of energy, playing to full houses for all of the performances. The leads took on their roles with vigour and passion, their rapt audiences being so drawn in by their portrayal of the story that many were reduced to tears.  The ensemble numbers were energetic and slickly choreographed and all supported by a magnificent 12-piece band.

Mrs Lawrence (Director of Drama and Dance) and Mr McVittie (Director of Music) were proud of this magnificent cast of over 100, 10-13 year olds saying, “It was such fun to work with this group for a term, ensuring that as well as enjoying the fabulous songs we all know and love, we also told the real story of a young girl and others, living in hard times, who want a better ‘Tomorrow’.  The maturity with which the different characters were developed and portrayed belied the relatively young ages of the actors, and the engagement and passionate singing of every member of the cast was testament to their hard work and understanding.”

A full review will follow.