What is Oobleck? How old are you on Venus? How Do Motors Work?Thesewere just some of the research projects ‘budding scientists’ investigated over the Easter break.
At the end of last term pupils, aged 10-13 were invited to research a topic, develop an experiment or challenge a hypothesis about an area of science that inspires them. Working individually or in pairs, 16 projects were submitted to this year’s voluntary challenge, creating an exciting exhibition of fascinating concepts. Fellow pupils from all year groups then visited the exhibition over the following days to learn new facts and interesting ideas from their, now, expert classmates.
The exhibition was judged by Head of
Science, Daniel Fraine, and visitingPhysicists, Andrew Roberts and his colleague Florence Okoye, who took time
outfrom their full-time positions at Cyber Security to judge the competition. “The standard of projects was extremely
high, the pupils’ comprehension of certain concepts was, at times, A-level standard.” said Mr Roberts.He then went on
tosay, “Ben Mawer hada very advanced understanding of what and how stars are made, including the very
complicated concept of fusion. Itwas also really encouraging to see so many girls researching challenging subjects
such as gravity and the solarsystem.”