Pupils at DCPS have fully embraced Anti-Bullying Week, the initiative of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, based on this year’s theme ‘Change Starts With Us’.

Every pupil in the school had their own Dean Close Anti-Bullying wristband which they wore all week.  Odd Sock Day provided a dazzling display of brightly coloured and patterned socks and served as a reminder that ‘different’ is interesting, unique and ultimately cool! Pupils were also able to make short video soundbites on the theme of bullying, adding a certain Hollywood factor to the basic message.

‘Change Starts With Us’ emphasizes the need for a whole community drive on inclusivity and the widening of friendship circles.  All pupils and staff were asked to complete a survey on bullying as a guideline to how safe and comfortable they feel at school.  Inevitably, some trick questions had to be answered too, such as “How many times this week have you…?” –

  • Wound up someone intentionally
  • Left someone out on purpose
  • Called something ‘banter’ or ‘a joke’ when you knew it was mean…

Head of PSHCE, Sarah Davies said, “It has been a week of great fun initiatives but with the serious underlying messages around bullying.  All our pupils have really engaged with it and now have a better understanding of what is and is not acceptable behaviour in this area.”