This year’s national anti-bullying theme is ‘Make a Noise’ which aims to encourage children to speak out if they are subjected to bullying of any kind.

At Dean Close Preparatory School pupils engaged with this theme in a number of ways. The week started with the Headmaster defining bullying in assembly: Bullying is hurting another person, or group, on purpose, more than once. On Friday the Junior Forms learnt this year’s ‘anti-bullying anthem’ in class music, which you can hear via the link below. At break times the children took part in anti-bullying activities and competitions, such as making an ‘anti-bullying’ slogan and then taking a ‘selfie’ with it and making posters and ‘wordles’ (an image cloud of words). Every child in the School completed a bullying questionnaire to assess their views on bullying and their confidence in being able to discuss it, if they were being bullied.

It is hoped that the anti-bullying initiative will give the children a greater understanding of why bullying is unacceptable and help them to consider how they treat those around them, as well providing them with action to take if find themselves being bullied.