Three friends performed a play about three friends:  the Drama Studio was home to a performance of ART by Yasmena Reza – the big 1996 West End Comedy Hit (Olivier Award – Best Comedy).

Serge (Ollie Wood) buys a painting by the famous artist Antrios for £200,000. It is white. Entirely white. His great friend Marc (Zach Truscott) calls him out on this. Marc says it is rubbish (or words to that effect). Yvan (Evan Little), their little stationary-selling friend, is caught in the middle…  And he is also having mother-in-law trouble. Disaster looms…

Having seen two of the boys perform a scene from the play in a lunchtime informal recital, the Director of Drama rashly suggested on the spot that they do the whole play. And so it came to fruition on a whim.

An incisive, bitingly witty commentary on modern art, the play is also about the nature of friendship and the tests that close friendships undergo. Director of Drama, Lloyd Allington, said, “These three young men (Ollie, Zach and Evan) are all great friends – and so to watch them spar in this intelligent comedy of manners was a delight. They pitched so much of the piece exactly right – the cadences of the climaxes and anti-climaxes, the comic one-liners, the absurd tensions, the silent subtexts (especially with the olives) – so many lovely moments for a beautifully controlled and attentive audience. The Studio is a delightful and intimate venue for this kind of chamber theatre, and the whole evening worked wonderfully. Congrats to the Three Amigos. And to all who came out on a cold February night to support. We had a full house.”