A level art students will start the year with a series of workshops led by artist, Victoria Young-Jamieson, to coincide with her exhibition ‘Lightwaves’, which will be displayed in the School’s BonBernard Gallery from 12th January to 9 February. The exhibition will include paintings, photographs and moving visuals influenced by Victoria’s seaside childhood.

Victoria will spend some time with the Lower Sixth Form where she will work with them to show how she develops a piece, from start to end, allowing them to see the thought process and journey that Victoria takes. During her residency she wants the students to enjoy the process of experimentation and to show them how to view something in a different way, to be more experimental and to ‘see what happens’, demonstrating that there is no right or wrong way of painting. Over the two weeks, students will learn to mix untraditional materials such as clothes dye, salt, bleach, stain remover granules and fairy liquid with acrylic based inks and PVA to produce some exciting and unexpected results. The outcomes will be displayed in the gallery, alongside Victoria’s work, following the conclusion of the workshop.

Victoria says: “I am influenced and inspired by the reactions of light in my surrounding environment. I observe the way the light interferes with objects and surfaces as it becomes layered, reflected and distorted through the hindering structures, objects and materials in a space. My practice starts with documenting these reactions with photography, I don’t confine myself to one process, but find excitement in experimenting with the challenges of a new material and overlapping it with previous techniques. I develop my images into paintings, moving visuals and translate the ideas and concepts into sculptures and installation. I find that each process inspires the next and keeps ideas fresh and exciting. Since growing up on the North Cornwall coastline I have become heavily influenced by the changing light of the different seasons and the effect it has on the colours of the land, sky and sea. In my paintings I try to capture a mood, recreate movement and texture within the landscape. I find the process of mixing materials together on a canvas exciting and therefore takes over rather than trying to replicate what’s in front of me.”

All visitors are welcome to visit the exhibition and for further details please call the School Office on 01242 258000.