Year 5 pupils werethrilledtoreceive a message during their science lesson from astronaut Tim Peake, who is currently living and working on the International Space Station (ISS) in
space.Formerlya British Army Air Corps Officer, Timis the first British ESA astronaut, the sixth person born in the United Kingdom to visit the International Space Station and the seventh UK-born person in space.

Year 5 are currently learning about space and wondered what it would be like to live on the International Space Station. Every pupil thought of a question to ask Tim and drew a picture to send with their message. Year 5 pupil Daniel Stott asked, “We were wondering if you played any Sports on the ISS?” To which Tim replied, “We keep fit on the running and exercise machines, does that count?”

Head of Science, Mr Daniel Fraine commented, “We were all so surprised and delighted when Tim replied, it’s incredible that technology means an astronaut currently in space can communicate with children in their science lesson.” Mr Fraine continued “I have been following Tim on Twitter for some time and knew that he was trying to reach out to children in schools so it seemed worth a shot, I am so pleased we took a chance”

“I am delighted my question was chosen, although it really was a class effort” said Daniel Stott. “I am now wondering how easy it is to exercise in space where there isn’t any gravity.”

Social media often receives a bad press, but on this occasion technology and science
have come together to inspire and thrill pupils. Hopefully many of them will spend this
term discovering more about Tim and his experiences on the ISS.