Year Two recently visited the Everyman Theatre, during their visit they were given the VIP treatment and invited to go backstage. Behind the scenes pupils explored the props department and saw a plan of the set for the August production of Beatrix Potter and the Tailor of Gloucester. They also watched designers making many exciting things, including a giant cotton reel and buttons!And, went into the costume department, wheretheycould see some of the costumes that are currently being made and many costumes from past productions.

Pupils werealsovery excited to be allowed onto the stage and set of the most recent production. Here pupils learnt about lighting, backdrops and special effects.

Duringtheir visit the children discovered lots of interesting facts about the Theatre. For instance, The Everyman was originally called The Cheltenham Opera House and opened in October 1891, with a performance starring celebrated actress, Lillie Langtry.It was thenrenamedThe Everyman Theatre in 1960 and was refurbished in 2011 at the cost of £3million.

Originally the theatre was designed by one of the greatest theatre architects of all time, Frank Matcham, who designed nearly 200 theatres in Great Britain.

What a fantastic, educational day out enjoyed by both pupils and staff.