Once more, the Bacon Theatre is being used for the purpose for which it was built – hooray and halleluiah.
Covid has affected so many things, including the Arts, but the industry has also done its best to respond with imagination and expertise as best it can.
So, it was with joy and delight that we grasped the opportunity to have workshops with an exciting enterprise – BARD IN THE YARD – that has been taking gardens and spaces in London by storm.
“The idea of taking theatre into gardens feels like a grassroots revolution” The Telegraph
“This interactive solo is irresistible, everyone watching is in hysterics” The Guardian
“Funny and moving, not to mention immersive” The Independent

Organised by Beatrice (Bebe) Lawrence OD, now an actor in London and an alumnus not only of Dean Close School but also of the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the idea is for a solo performer (all nicely socially distanced) to create the story of Shakespeare struggling with writer’s block in the Great Plague Lockdown in 1606 (when he reputedly wrote King Lear). A smashing solo piece performed by pro actor Rupert Sadler, who worked his doublet and hose off for four hours, giving us two workshops with Remove, Firth and Lower 6th, followed by the performance of Bard in the Yard – interwoven wittily and movingly with great set speeches from the Bard.

Director of Drama, Lloyd Allington, said, “The pupils learnt a lot, had fun, witnessed the hard work needed for a one-man show, and got a lot of free advice into the bargain. Dean Close was the first school BARD IN THE YARD had visited – and I hope this will inspire other schools to take them on – they have already made a splash in London, and – let’s not pretend otherwise – these fine actors need the work. So – share the link below, tell your friends, and book them. Thank you, Rupert and Bebe, and thanks to the fun and enthusiastic kids who had the treat of participating and watching. We wish Bard in the Yard well.”