On Thursday 23rdFebruary politics pupils hosted Edward Granger, a Commercial Barrister at Maitland Chambers in London. Edward delivered a fascinating presentation on the recent Judicial rulings, from both the High Court and Supreme Court, on the medium in which the Government may trigger Article 50 and notify the European Union of Britain’s exit. A Question and Answer session followed, with great questions asked by the pupils on a variety of topics such as; what Northern Irish and Irish relations will look like, the use and effectiveness of referenda, the impact that Brexit may have on the level of work for Barrister chambersand the amount of legislation that will be created if Britain leaves the EU. Edward Granger also spoke on his own career path and his motivations for becoming a Barrister, discussing the various career routes into law. Pupils found the event thought-provoking and challenging, and found it helpful to ask advice from a current legal practitioner about pursuing a career in law.