This year’s Battle of the Bands burst onto the stage with flamboyant performances that definitely rose the roof, rocked the house and stole the stage. This year was also a little different in that it was combined with the Leavers’ Concert so the audience were treated to some outstanding, varied performances before having their world’s rocked by the Year 8 bands.

Pupils chose some toe tapping classics that included Don’t Stop me now by 8L, Barbie Girl by 8C, I want it that way by 8S and Party in the USA by 80. However, the winning band was 8E who performed an outstanding version of Africa by Toto; chosen by audience cheers of over 100 decibels.

Jamie said, “I was dubious about our initial song choice but as we started to practise I began to think, we sounded ok. The other brands were great and had some fantastic costumes, I didn’t think we would win but I am delighted we did!”

Lorna said, “It was so much fun, but I am not sure I am ever going to be able to get out of this banana costume, the zip is stuck!’

Anita Godley, Assistant Director of music said,‘’This was a fun and entertaining occasion with all of Year 8 looking fabulous in their stunning costumes! The quality of the performances was somewhat variable, but each class gave a spirited and enormously entertaining rendition of their chosen pop song. 8E’s performance was exceptional and this was the audience choice, verified by the clapometer, operated by ‘Man of Science’, Mr Fraine. A huge thank you to Mr Lake for organising this competition we are all exceptionally proud of each and every band member!’’

We are all very much looking forward to next year!